Junior  Digital Entrepreneurs Camp

This summer we’re launching exciting new programs! These programs will enhance the minds of our youth, teach them valuable digital entrepreneurship skills such as website building, E-commerce process and systems training.

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Classes will be back next summer of 2023!

E-commerce products are all the rage! Take advantage of this sale and enroll your child in this course that will help feed the entrepreneur in them. 

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Website Building


E-commerce Process

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Systems Training


Kid-Friendly Tranings

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About The JDEC Program

We offer kid-friendly trainings that will inspire your children to become creative problem solvers and set them on path to becoming entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Each course is carefully crafted to allow students to explore technological skills in an informative and fun environment. Students are also given opportunities to have first hand experience on how to apply these skills as they are taught the processes of running their own business.

Live Lessons

Each students level of technical knowledge and skill is taken into account, as such the lessons are segmented in a way that is tailored-fit to the student's current skill level.

Meet Our Instructors

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Վիկտորիա Մալայան

Karen Smith

English Tutor

I love English. I like helping sharing my English knowledge with learners and helping them improve language skills, grow in confidence, and make their learning process effective and fun.

Դանիելա Մարգարյան

Elizabeth Taylor

Office Manager

I love our e-academy. I have been working here for 4 years because I believe that I am a part of something very important, as our academy gives an opportunity to millions of learners.


Amelia Williams

SMM Specialist

Social Media is very famous today but not every specialist knows what they should. In this course, you will learn what social media marketing is, including its history as well as different social media channels.

Meet Our Founder

Hi Parents,

As a fellow parent, there is nothing more fulfilling than to help our children gain the skills they need to succeed in this ever changing and technology driven society. 

It is my aim to teach these kids to freely explore the world of business technology and processes, to instill them with the necessary skills that will enable success in their future endeavors. 

I am excited to share in your joy as we witness our kids discover how they can use these skills to become the great entrepreneurs they are meant to be!

Tolu Amadi

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What Our Students Say

I like the way they helped students when they were having trouble.

Մարիա ՎարդանյանIhotu
quot student

I liked learning new things. I like that we headed the direction of making an online shop instead of a blog, because now I was able to take a few skills away from that. I can also navigate through wordpress way better.

Մարի ԴարդանյանZoe

I liked hearing stories about the importance of web design because it gave the skill more meaning to me.

Վանեսա Մունանյան

I liked how the teachers allowed us to explore and didn't just tell us exactly what to do. That's a way of learning I really like.

Վանեսա ՄունանյանFavour

I like learning a bit about something I never knew anything about.


I liked the first session with the guest instructor because it gave me insight on life skills such as learning as much as I can, and how ideas never stay the same along with other tips and tricks to get better results from my work.


Designing the website was really fun.